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Come for the content, stay for the functionality.

Being a community site is not as illustrious as being a large production company. Awards are extremely rare, if present at all. AmateurMatch is unfortunate enough to not be a recipient of one of those rare awards, but because there are so many community sex sites on the web, it’s nothing to worry about. In fact, it could be said that they have one of the nicest and simplest layouts of any matching site to date. The color scheme is just nice to look at. A mixture of black, white, and orange, it really sets the mind into an intimate mood. The tool bar at the top of the page is well designed and has plenty of quick links to other places that an online adventurer might look into. The “Home” area lets you see your inbox and activity notifications by default, along with a section right below that where is displays information about who is online, new content, new members, and galleries.

Of course, there are plenty of other features to mention. “Buddies” is their implementation of a friends list that seems to be very responsive. You can search for members, look through their collection of live cam/chat areas, and more all from the top bar that’s available from every page.

Finding more than just videos and images is what AmateurMatch is all about.

Of course, without sexy people and content to check out, what is the point of a gorgeous site layout? Not much. To really take advantage of that design, AmateurMatch’s content is all about user added content. To start off, they have plenty of members! Members are the core of the site, and obviously the most important when you talk about things to watch and look at. Every profile has an area for images and videos of the hot guy or girl that you’re looking out for. More than this, though, is the “Galleries” section where the site lists all of the highly rated member galleries. This can be sorted by gender or by groups/couples.

If you have a thing for live shows, they offer plenty of cams and chat opportunities for social butterflies, and even offer the possibility to make money for a good show!

AmateurMatch won’t let you down on it’s namesake category!

Models! What AmateurMatch lacks in awards and large amounts of recognition it makes up for in the sheer number of models that are dieing to take their clothes off and show the world what they’re made of. You won’t find any famous porn stars here, but what you will find is a sweet girl from Kentucky that loves being naked and naughty. As far as categories, they have everything you could want, though it depends on the models performing. You’re likely to see plenty of Lesbian, Group Sex, Threesomes, Blowjobs, and even a little BDSM.

Pricing is no problem here

While the site is free for basic member, if you want a few extra features and a better experience, they offer a subscription option that gives you just that. The only bad part is that they only have two options.

  • 1 Month Membership: $29.95/Month
  • 3 Month Membership: $23.00/Month

AmateurMatch is a high quality community-based site with plenty of content and an active member pool.

The absence of awards takes nothing away from the site, especially considering the fantastic layout and ease of navigation. Their content is user contributed, so they have a variety of categories and fetishes to tingle your libido. Tieing it all together is their fair pricing model and a decently sized group of members who love what they do for the site and can’t wait to do more. If you’re looking for a good all-amateur community, you would be missing something if you didn’t check out AmateurMatch!


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